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Afghan Sufra

Afghan Sufra is your culinary passport to Afghanistan in Lakemba. Whether you're a local seeking a taste of exotic flavours or a traveller eager to explore the culinary heritage of Afghanistan, this is where you'll find a delightful journey in every dish.

Whether you're a local craving an exotic culinary experience or a curious traveler hungry for a taste of Afghan culture, this is the place where your taste buds take flight on a delightful journey through each dish. Whether you're indulging in tender kebabs, savouring aromatic rice dishes, or delighting in our signature Afghan bread, each bite is a symphony of flavours that transports you to the bustling bazaars of Kabul.

So if your mouth waters to savour the flavours of Afghanistan, try Afghan Sufra.

Mon-Sun: 9am-12am

Afghan Sufra

Address: Afghan Sufra, Haldon Street, Lakemba NSW, Australia

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