Foodies flavour feast

Hey foodies, get ready for a flavour-packed adventure right here in Canterbury-Bankstown! In our dining scene you’ll find a melting pot that’ll take your taste buds on a wild ride. So, whether you’re a local or just passing through, join us on this exhilarating journey through the diverse and delectable world of Canterbury-Bankstown.

Bankstown Bites: exploring global flavours

Bankstown Bites food festival

Begin your culinary exploration at the heart of Bankstown, where the annual Bankstown Bites Food Festival takes centre stage on July 27. This vibrant event is a celebration of flavours from around the world, featuring food stalls, cooking demonstrations, celebrity chef masterclass and so much more. Immerse yourself in the festival’s lively atmosphere, where the aromas of international cuisines blend seamlessly, offering a taste of the diverse culinary landscape that defines Canterbury-Bankstown. Find out more.

Hidden gems in Bass Hill

Venture into the lesser-explored suburb of Bass Hill, where hidden culinary gems await discovery. Local eateries tucked away in this charming neighbourhood offer a range of authentic dishes representing cultures from across the globe. From family-owned bakeries with delectable pastries to intimate cafes serving aromatic coffee, the culinary secrets of Bass Hill reveal the area’s commitment to preserving traditional recipes and flavours.

Lakemba feast: culinary creations

Lakemba, a cultural hub within Canterbury-Bankstown, beckons with a feast for the senses. Embark on a culinary odyssey through this suburb, where the Middle Eastern influences can be tasted in every bite. Explore local eateries serving succulent kebabs, aromatic falafel, and sweet treats like baklava. Lakemba is a culinary haven where the authenticity of Middle Eastern flavours shines, making it a must-visit destination for food enthusiasts.

Hurlstone Park’s fusion delights

Experience the magic of culinary fusion in Hurlstone Park, a suburb where cultures collide on a plate. Local chefs infuse creativity into traditional recipes, resulting in unique and delightful dishes that reflect the area’s cultural influences. From Asian-inspired tacos to Mediterranean-infused pizzas, Hurlstone Park’s dining scene is diverse.

Panania on a plate

In Panania, start your day with a hearty breakfast at The Little Kitchen, known for its fluffy pancakes and gourmet burgers, or grab a cosy cup of coffee at The Laneway Cafe, tucked away in a hidden laneway. For a taste of Italy try Pikko Trattoria Pizzeria for the cheesiest pizza’s. Find out more of Panania’s cafes and restaurants here.

Boom Boom Thai

Canterbury-Bankstown is a destination for dining enthusiasts but as a testament to Sydney’s diverse gourmet landscape. Experience the vibrant festivals, uncover hidden gems in Bass Hil, the middle eastern delights in Lakemba, the fusion of flavours in Hurlstone Park, and the street food in Panania. Join us in savouring the flavours of Canterbury-Bankstown with these hidden gems.

The best street art, graffiti and creative spaces in Canterbury-Bankstown

Join us on this visual journey through Lakemba’s urban gallery, Hurlstone Park’s graffiti alley, and beyond, as we unveil the artistic soul of Canterbury-Bankstown.