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Yum Yum Lebanese Pizza

Satisfy your cravings with a visit to Yum Yum Lebanese Pizza in the vibrant heart of Bankstown. Here, culinary artistry meets comfort food, creating a haven for pizza enthusiasts and flavour aficionados alike. As soon as you walk into Yum Yum you are hit with an intoxicating smell of cheese, pastry and overall deliciousness. The signature Lebanese-inspired pizzas, where every slice is authentic, from the aromatic blend of spices to the perfect marriage of textures, each bite will leave you wanting more. The cosy ambiance and welcoming staff make Yum Yum more than just a pizza place—it's a experience. Whether you're a local seeking a great coffee and a bite to eat on the go, or or a visitor eager to explore Bankstown's food scene, Yum Yum Lebanese Pizza beckons with open doors and irresistible aromas. Come for the pizza, stay for the experience, its definitely one you will come back to again and again.

Tuesday-Sunday:  6am-3:00pm

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Yum Yum Lebanese Pizza

Address: Fetherstone Street, Bankstown NSW, Australia

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