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Tropicana Cocktails

Dive into a tropical oasis at Tropicana Cocktails in Punchbowl!

This vibrant hotspot has become a go-to for an explosion of fruity delights. From sun-kissed berries and creamy avocados to tangy pineapples and lush strawberries, every sip will leave you refreshed. If that’s not tempting enough, indulge in waffles and cakes drizzled with chocolate and creamy gelato.

If you’re feeling a bit guilty from all that sugar, balance it out with their range of refreshing fruit salads and smoothies that are sure to hit the spot. Drift away on a tropical dream at Tropicana Cocktails.

Monday – Sunday: 1pm-12am

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Tropicana Cocktails

Address: TROPICANA COCKTAILS PUNCHBOWL, The Boulevarde, Punchbowl NSW, Australia

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