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The Note Café

The Note Café in the heart of Revesby, transports you to the streets of Paris, with its quirky and attractive decor. The Note Cafe is a harmonious blend of coffee and charm. Stepping through the door is like entering a symphony of warmth coupled with the intoxicating smell of coffee. The rich aroma of freshly ground beans fills the air, complemented by the gentle hum of conversations and friendly service. Here, every cup is a crafted is a tribute to the streets of Paris, from the velvety lattes to the bold espressos. The baristas are storytellers, weaving tales in every pour. The menu dances between classic favorites and innovative delights, ensuring there's a note for every palate. Come for the coffee and incredible service and leave your mark on a lock, which dons the walls, just like they do on the streets of Paris.

Monday-Sunday: 7am-6pm

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The Note Café

Address: 1-2 Blamey St, Revesby NSW, Australia

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