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Sea Sweet Patisserie

Crafting edible art in the heart of Canterbury, Sea Sweet Patisserie is a hidden gem you'll want to keep to yourself. A sweet paradise where sugar and butter collide, resulting in the flakiest and most tasty pastries that are more than desserts; they're editable art on a plate! Sea Sweet Patisserie will leave your taste buds tingling with delight. Every cake, pastry, and sweet treat is crafted with passion, resulting in a taste sensation in every bite. Rooted in tradition, recipes here have been gleamed and perfected for generations creating a harmonious dance. You can wash it all down from Flaky croissants, iconic Baklava, decadent chocolate mousse, or éclair which you can wash down with a delightful cappuccino and an inviting air of deliciousness.

Monday-Sunday: 8am-10pm

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Sea Sweet Patisserie

Address: 2A Cooks Ave, Canterbury NSW, Australia

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