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Greenacre Splash Park

Dive into a world of aquatic fun and vibrant energy at Greenacre Splash Park in Greenacre. This aquatic wonderland is not your average splash zone - it's a pulsating hub of excitement where water adventures and joyful laughter collide.

With colourful water jets shooting skyward, whimsical water fountains dancing to their own beat, and a refreshing mist enveloping the air. It's a sensory playground that promises endless delight for kids and kids at heart.

But what truly sets Greenacre Splash Park apart is its commitment to sustainability and eco-friendly practices. With its innovative water recycling system and eco-conscious design, this park is as kind to the environment as it is entertaining.

So, if you're a family looking for a memorable day out, Greenacre Splash Park invites you to immerse yourself in a world of watery wonder under the sun!

Greenacre Splash Park is open seasonally from October to March.

Monday-Sunday: 10am-6pm (October to March)

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Roberts Park, Waterloo Rd, Greenacre NSW, Australia -33.913086 151.056381 14 ChIJ7QWL5vK7EmsRC3OPtnKEC7k Roberts Park, Waterloo Rd Greenacre New South Wales NSW 2190 Australia AU

Greenacre Splash Park

Address: Roberts Park, Waterloo Rd, Greenacre NSW, Australia

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