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Grain’d Café

Nestled in the heart of Revesby at Grain'd Cafe, a haven for those who seek comfort in the perfect brew and artisanal bites. As the sunlight spills through the windows, Grain'd awakens with a buzzing energy that mirrors the vibrancy of the community.

Savour the symphony of flavours in each sip, from lip smacking lattes to bold, unapologetic espressos. The menu is an adventure, boasting a fusion of global influences that celebrate diversity in every bite.

Grain'd isn't just a cafe; it's a celebration of community and culinary delights. Come for the coffee, stay for the good vibes and great food.

Monday-Friday: 6am-4pm

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Grain’d Café

Address: Grain'd Cafe, Selems Parade, Revesby NSW, Australia

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