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Ablas Pastries

In the heart of Greenacre a culinary gem awaits your discover in Abla's Pastries. Here, you'll find flavours and a haven of heritage passed down from generations. Step back in time and smell the sweet legacy of old world pastry that transcends time. Each bite is a piece of history, lovingly baked into every flaky pastry layer and decadent filling. You'll taste the dedication in every bite, from honey-soaked Baklawa, to the buttery embrace of Ma'amoul cookies, the sweet treats will take you on a global journey. Where cultural diversity meets culinary delight, your tastebuds will savour the sensation washed down with an aromatic Arabic coffee or herbal tea.

Monday-Sunday: 9am-10pm

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Ablas Pastries

Address: 156-164 Waterloo Road, Greenacre NSW, Australia

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